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Swift Insight

Swift Insight is a market research community, managed and maintained by Swift Research Ltd.

Set up in 2005, Swift Insight was designed to provide a more effective way of communicating with people willing to participate in market research studies. Swift Insight members are primarily invited to take part in market research projects via email. This will usually involve qualification questions, testing a product, completing a questionnaire then receiving vouchers or cash.

Swift Insight members test a wide variety of products including food and drink, personal care, baby products, toiletries and laundry products.

There are no membership fees, no fixed sign up period, no hidden agenda. If at any point you wish to leave Swift Insight, you can email us and your details will be removed.

Swift Research

Established in 1985, Swift Research Ltd. is an independent market research company based in Wetherby, in the north of England. With over 30 years' experience across a diverse range of business sectors and product categories, we work alongside a variety of global blue chip companies, providing them with insight into the UK markets.

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